Pamela Yellen and Bank On Yourself

Pamela has long been an advocate for conservative wealth-creation strategies and for being financially prepared for emergencies. She advises people to accumulate the equivalent of two year’s income in safe, liquid assets they can access immediately without having to sell the underlying asset. She stresses the importance of the return of your money, as opposed to the return on your money.

As a well-known business consultant to more than 40,000 financial representatives, Pamela has been exposed to literally hundreds of financial products, strategies, and concepts, many of which were touted as sure bets for growing wealth.

She took these ideas seriously because she and her husband had been doing all the things they had been taught to do to plan for retirement, but with disappointing results. She was searching for a sound strategy to safely build her own financial base, as well as a strategy she could feel confident about sharing with others.

After careful investigation, she concluded that most of the hundreds of concepts, products, and strategies she reviewed were worthless—and could even be hazardous to your financial health. However, she continued searching for a way to grow wealth predictably, without losing sleep, and without having to worry that her investments might tank just when she and her husband were ready to retire.

An even greater concern was that she might discover, after she had retired, that the interest and investment income she had been counting on were being drastically reduced.

Pamela Yellen Wanted a Financial Product or Method That Would Meet Three Basic Criteria:

  1. It must be brain-dead simple—simple to implement and able to operate on virtual autopilot. After all, she already had a more-than-full-time job, and she had no interest in spending her leisure time analyzing stock charts or pounding the pavement in search of the perfect real estate investment.
  2. Her second requirement was that it must be virtually foolproof and require no luck, skill, or guesswork. It must be something virtually anyone could do.
  3. Her third and final criterion was that the product, concept, or strategy must actually work! If it was foolproof and it worked, she knew she could have confidence that her nest egg would grow safely every year and wouldn’t go backward.

Pamela found a strategy that satisfied every one of these requirements when in 2001 she finally learned about the concept she came to call Bank On Yourself—a strategy able to offer substantial guarantees of tax-favored wealth accumulation with predictable and documented results.

The surprise was that the financial tool used for this strategy had been right under her nose all along. It’s a unique and little-known twist on a financial vehicle that’s existed for over 160 years. This tool, combined with some sound financial wealth-building principles, allows you to create a richer lifestyle now and, at the same time, fund a retirement you can truly count on.

Pamela Yellen Introduces the Bank On Yourself Strategy to the World

The turning point came in 2001, when Pamela was introduced to Nelson Nash and his Infinite Banking Concept. She read Nash’s book, Becoming Your Own Banker, which described how the cash value within a dividend-paying whole life insurance policy can be used as a ready source of cash for personal and business financing while providing a tax-free income in retirement.

After researching and cautiously experimenting with this concept for several years, Pamela embraced the strategy as the answer to her quest for a way to grow wealth safely, predictably, and at competitive growth rates. Pamela added several refinements to Nash’s strategy and trademarked her version, Bank On Yourself®, in 2008.

Because of the strength, flexibility, and other advantages of the Bank On Yourself strategy, Pamela now counsels people to avoid the restrictions and penalties of government-sanctioned retirement plans such as 401(k)s and IRAs, in favor of a specialized type of dividend-paying whole life insurance which can build significant cash value with valuable tax advantages.

She never tires of pointing out that none of us—not even the so-called experts—can predict what the stock market will do tomorrow, much less in 10 years. She reminds us that Americans have been brainwashed into believing they must accept risk and volatility in order to grow a sizable nest-egg.

Pamela feels compelled to dedicate her efforts to educating the public about the powerful, proven Bank On Yourself strategy for growing wealth safely and predictably.

Today, more than 500,000 Americans of all ages, incomes, and backgrounds use Bank On Yourself to reach a wide variety of personal and financial goals and dreams. None of them lost money in their plans when the markets crashed. Rather, their plans have continued to grow safely and predictably.

For Many People, Bank On Yourself Is a Good Alternative or an Addition to Their Traditional Retirement Plans for Several Reasons:

  1. The concept behind Bank On Yourself has a track record of over 160 years of unfailing growth in every financial climate, through every recession and boom, and through every depression—even the Great Depression that began in 1929, because the Bank On Yourself strategy doesn’t link to the stock market. In the recent economic downturns like the bursting of the real estate bubble and the dot-com bubble, for example, Bank On Yourself policy owners lost not a single penny, and, in fact, their policies continued to grow exactly as planned—even faster than their guarantees promised
  2. The Bank On Yourself strategy means that neither principal nor gains are lost when markets drop
  3. Money in these plans is protected by a four-layer safety net and backed by some of the largest cash-laden companies in the world
  4. The Bank On Yourself concept offers peace of mind coupled with significant tax advantages
  5. Unlike so many, many schemes touted today, the Bank On Yourself strategy actually works!

5 Simple Steps Free ReportPamela would like to share with you the exact same information she has shared with her relatives and friends. To learn more about the strategy that has changed the lives of more than 500,000 people of all ages, incomes, and backgrounds, download Pamela’s FREE report, 5 Simple Steps to Bypass Wall Street, Beat the Banks at Their Own Game and Take Control of Your Financial Future.

If you’re ready to strengthen your own financial base, to move from risk and volatility to certainty and guaranteed growth, invest a few minutes to talk with a Bank On Yourself Professional. There’s no obligation, and you’re practically guaranteed to walk away knowing more than you now know about growing and protecting your wealth.

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