The Biography of Pamela Yellen: Author, Speaker, and Founder of Bank On Yourself

This is it: The official Pamela Yellen Bio.

Pamela G. Yellen was born November 16, 1952, in Buffalo, NY, to Arthur and Carole Yellen. Her mother was an occupational therapist, and her father owned an insurance agency.

Pamela graduated in 1974 from what is now the with a Bachelor of Arts degree, with an emphasis in Psychology. Following her college graduation, she took a position as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Bench Press in Oakland, California, where she worked for 10 years.

From 1984 to 1987, she was employed by Sarasota, Florida-based Camp-orama, a publication serving the camping and RV industry. She quickly progressed from an entry-level sales representative position to national sales manager.

In 1987, Pamela became the personal representative and did publicity for internationally-known batik artist and Marlene McGoffin in Phoenix, Arizona. In her capacity as McGoffin’s representative, she set up gallery shows in various cities, including Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she would later make her home.

Pamela Yellen Takes It to the Next Level

In 1988, Pamela retained former Arizona state senator and international business consultant Somers White to provide guidance and direction in expanding her career. White suggested she become a consultant on some topic she had a natural talent for.

With her background in sales and marketing, and remembering her father’s insurance agency, Pamela decided to concentrate on training members of the life insurance and financial services industry in the areas of prospecting and marketing. She named her new endeavor the Prospecting & Marketing Institute, Inc. In her capacity as a trainer, coach, and motivator, Pamela has been a business consultant to more than 40,000 financial representatives across the United States and Canada.

Pamela is a passionate spokesperson and proponent of the safe wealth-building strategy she calls Bank On Yourself. She currently lives outside Santa Fe, New Mexico, with her husband, Larry. They enjoy theater and the arts, hiking, bird watching, traveling, gourmet cooking, reading, and maintaining physical fitness. She and her husband support a number of local and national charitable causes.

Pamela donates ten percent of all author royalties to educational not-for-profit organizations such as , , , , and .