In Her Own Words—Interviews with Pamela Yellen

News editors and consumers alike appreciate Pamela Yellen because she doesn’t mince words. She speaks directly from her heart, with a passion for protecting average Joes from the financial snares and traps that abound today.

Follow These Links to Reach into the Bank On Yourself Archives and Learn More About Pamela Yellen and Her Passion for Your Financial Security, Well-Being, and Wealth:

  • Listen to this fast-paced 30-minute audio interview in which you’ll learn about Pamela’s early mistakes, how she first learned about the concept she calls Bank On Yourself, and why this concept is not included on state insurance licensing exams!
  • In a print interview on, Pamela unleashes her blunt answer to the interviewer’s question, “What can Americans be doing better when it comes to saving for their retirement?” Her reply: “Americans have been seduced by Wall Street into believing they must risk their money in order to grow a sizeable nest egg. It’s simply not true. The only thing Wall Street guarantees is that they get paid whether we win or lose.” Read the entire interview with Pamela Yellen on
  • Watch Pamela’s five-minute live interview on WGN SuperStation, revealing “401(k) Scary But True Facts.” You’ll learn what can happen to your retirement account without your approval, about the younger, inexperienced people who have been given the responsibility of investing your money without your knowledge, and how they can even move your money into more risky investments—with the encouragement of the U.S. Government—without your authorization.
  • Pamela reveals the dangers of the Tax Time Bomb hidden in the 401(k) and why deferring taxes may not be in your best interest. You’ll learn about hidden fees and penalties most people don’t find out about until it’s too late. You’ll find out about retirement nest egg risks, and you’ll learn some questions to ask your financial representative and your stock broker.
  • Also in this fast-paced discussion, you’ll learn some of the advantages of borrowing from yourself versus taking a bank loan, and proven strategies to grow your wealth outside of stocks and real estate.
  • Forbes magazine asked Pamela to guest-write a full-length article based on questions Forbes provided. After she had researched Forbes’ questions and painstakingly documented her conclusions, the magazine decided not to run the article, saying it was too “controversial”! Not the least bit intimidated, Pamela published the article on her own website, under the title, “The Article Forbes Asked Pamela Yellen to Write – But Got Too Scared to Publish.”
  • Be sure to also read Pamela’s follow-up blog post, “The REAL Reason Forbes Got Too Scared to Publish the Article They Asked Pamela Yellen to Write.”
  • One of Pamela’s most popular “interviews” wasn’t an interview at all. It was a faux championship boxing match, pitting heavyweight 401(k) loan proponent Rich White (former editor of Financial Planning magazine) against the diminutive Pamela Yellen, defending life insurance policy loans. The match ended after six rounds. You’ll be shocked by what you learn about 401(k) loans and the hoops you’re forced to jump through to get access to your own money. And you’ll discover a better way to get cash whenever you want, for whatever you want.
  • Pete Weitzner, producer of the Chapman Business Report, from the campus of Chapman University, did an in-depth segment with Pamela in which she explained ways Americans can boost their financial literacy, self-sufficiency, and personal financial security.
  • In June, 2017, got Pamela to share her views on investing and saving strategies. She explained why you should entrust your money to only one person: yourself.

Pamela Has a Real Sense of Urgency About Sharing Bank On Yourself with People Who Badly Need Sound Financial Advice

Pamela seems to be everywhere at once, often doing several major media interviews in a day. But she swears she never works more than 168 hours a week.

“It’s my passion,” Pamela confesses, “to warn people not to pay attention to conventional wisdom … to teach them the importance of using their own common sense … to help them become self-reliant when it comes to their finances … and to show them how they can have a safer, more financially secure retirement—whether they’re 25 or 55—or even 85!

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