Pamela Yellen in the Printed Press, on TV, Radio, and Online

As a respected and acknowledged expert in the area of personal finance, Pamela has been quoted and interviewed in hundreds of websites, online publications, print magazines, and newspapers. She has been featured in such notable publications as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Ladies Home Journal, Reader’s Digest, Chicago Tribune, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Time, Deseret News, US Daily Review, KidzEdge Magazine, Profitable Dentist Magazine, Awareness Magazine, USA Today, and US News & World Report, among many, many others.

In addition, she has appeared on many broadcast outlets, including major radio and television networks such as ABC, Fox News, NBC, CBS, CNN, and NPR.

In 2014, Pamela was named one of the 30 Most Influential People in Personal Finance and Wealth by MoneyTips, ranking #19 on this list of the Top 30 social influencers impacting Americans’ financial lives.

Since 2008, she has achieved significant consumer awareness. At least three out of every ten people surveyed nationally said they’ve heard of Bank On Yourself.

Here Is Just a Sampling of Pamela Yellen’s Hundreds of Media Appearances on the Topics of Bank On Yourself and Personal Finance:

As a regular guest contributor to, Pamela wrote on the topic, “Here’s Why a Little Financial Information Is Very Dangerous,” April 14, 2017. She explains that you can’t build a strong foundation of financial literacy cobbling together bits and pieces of advice you see on the Internet, read in articles, or hear on TV. And she offers six simple questions to ask yourself any time you are presented with financial advice.

Here’s a link to Pamela’s bio page, with the full text of all her Entrepreneur articles—covering everything from “The Five Characteristics of a True Safe Money Plan” to “Seven Wealth-Killing Risks That Threaten Your Retirement” to “Why a Retirement Makeover Starts With Six Simple Steps”—and much more.

On WGN SuperStation, Pamela told Your Money Matters viewers of some scary retirement planning developments, including something that employers are doing, with the Uncle Sam’s encouragement, that most definitely may not be in your best interests.

Pamela was interviewed by KTEK’s Kevin Price on his Houston, Texas, morning show, The Price of Business, where she talked about taking ownership of your personal finances, including several financial principles your grandparents knew that you have probably forgotten!

In her retirement planning interview on First Business, Pamela revealed some scary 401(k) facts. One of those scary facts is that your 401(k) money is likely being invested in mutual funds that are not appropriate for the amount of risk you’re willing to take, and these investments can legally be made without your knowledge or approval.

At CNN Headline News (California edition) with Tracy Young, Pamela offered viewers some specific advice regarding 401(k) investments, and why you may not want to put all your faith in your 401(k).

Pamela was quoted in the March 31, 2017, Reader’s Digest online article, “What to Do When Your Friends Make More (or Less) Money Than You,” by Andrea Blair Cirignano. She explains why relationships and experiences create lasting memories—far more than the “stuff” we think we want and need.

Pamela’s article “8 Money Lessons Teens Are Eager to Learn” was published by Pamela answers questions such as, “How can I teach my teenagers about credit without giving them credit cards?” “How can I help my youngsters become smart shoppers?”

Pamela has been a guest contributor to Huff Post, with more than two dozen full-length articles to her credit. Topics like “Why Borrowing for College Can Be the Ultimate Parent Trap” and “The ‘5 P’s’ of Successful Goal Setting” are among her dozens of articles on Huff Post.

And the list goes on and on. Pamela Yellen has been featured in countless publications and websites, including Bloomberg Businessweek,, Time, Associated Press,, Ladies Home Journal, Aging Today, and AARP.

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